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In accordance with provisions laid down by the ”Federal Law on the Protection of personal data held by private individuals”, states PRODUCTOS INDUSTRIALIZADOS DEL NOROESTE, S.A. DE C.V. to be an enterprise lawfully incorporated pursuant to the Mexican laws, with legal address at Km. 16.5 Culiacán- El Dorado street, at Culiacán, Sinaloa, México and as the controller of your personal data, gives you notice that the information of our prospects, customers and suppliers, is kept strictly confidential so when you provide your personal details, NON-SENSITIVE:

  • 1.- Full Name.
  • 2.- Address.
  • 3.- Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • 4.- Office, cell and home phone numbers.
  • 5.- E- Mail.


  • 1.- Financial Data (Bank Statements, Balance Sheet, Statement of earnings and other related).
  • 2.- Heritage Data (Tangible Assets, Immovable Property and other related).
  • 3.- Personal Data (Spouse, Children, Marital Status, Nationality, Education and other related).
  • 4.- Family References and not family (Name, Address, Phone, Relationship, etc.).

These will be used for the following purposes:

  • 1.- Identification and verification purposes such as: socio- economic studies and work references, fulfillment of obligations and labor rights resulting from the worker-employer relation in compliance with federal labor law and other regulations.
  • 2.- For communication purposes to send notices relating to our products, office hours, for following up suggestions, complaints, claims and/or allegations about the quality of our products, for contact and attention as customer, for publicity purposes, commercial and marketing studies, among others.
  • 3.- Fulfill those obligations and rights that come from the legal relation that exists between you as the owner of the personal data and PRODUCTOS INDUSTRIALIZADOS DE NOROESTE S.A. DE C.V.
  • 4.- With identification and verification purposes, billing payment, payment crediting for supply of products, raw material or provision of services, and where appropriate, for the conclusion of contracts, making payments by wire transfer and registering them in the account of PRODUCTOS INDUSTRIALIZADOS DEL NOROESTE S.A. DE C.V. which are recorded in accounts as receivables and payables, to remind to update balances and identification data.
  • For preventing the no authorized access to your personal data and in order to ensure that the information used for the purposes specified in this privacy notice, we have established various procedures in order to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, allowing us to treat you with due confidentiality.

    Likewise, we inform that your personal data cannot be transmitted for being treated for people different from this company.

    All your personal data are treated according to the applicable and current legislation in the country, therefore we inform that you have at every moment the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the treatment that we give to your personal data; right that you can ensure through our legal department (which is in charge of guarding your data) phones 01 (667) 846-10-28, 846-10-32, 846-10-43, ext. 116, or through their e-mail: privacidad@prinsa.com.mx.

    Through these channels you can also update your data and specify the means you wish to receive information, because in case we don’t have this specification on your part, PRODUCTOS INDUSTRIALIZADOS DEL NOROESTE S.A. DE C.V. freely set the channel to send information.

    This privacy notice can be modified by PRODUCTOS INDUSTRIALIZADOS DEL NOROESTE S.A. DE C.V., these changes will be duly informed by E-mail, telephone or other means of communication that PRODUCTOS INDUSTRIALIZADOS DEL NOROESTE S.A. DE C.V. determined for this purpose.

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